Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tutorial~ Fabric Pumpkin

 Supplies Needed
Fabric fat quarter for pumpkin
3" scrap of green fabric for stem
poly fill stuffing
need and thread
paper, pen
scissors, pinking sheers

         Using your fat quarter trace around a circular object, (I used a big bowl) Cut out the circle after you have traced it.

                                   With an iron press 1/4" seam

With your sewing machine sew along the seam

With a needle and thread sew a base stitch along the out side of the fabric

When you get all the way around, put on the thread to gather the fabric.  Stuff the fabric with poly-fill                    stuffing, do not tie off the thread.

Now you can make the stem, on the wrong side of your fabric draw a stem (the top should be on the fold)

                                Cut out the stem

                         Sew right sides together leaving the bottom opened

                                Turn right side out

          Stuff stem with poly-fill stuffing leaving about 3/4" unstuffed

             Place stem in pumpkin and finish gathering the fabric around the stem

       Once fabric is gathered around the stem sew though the stem and pumpkin fabric making sure you go all the way around

                                You can knot your thead but to not cut it

           Now it's time for the leaves I used heat and bond (you can use thing kind of two sided iron-on adhesive) follow the directions for your adhesive

                             I drew two leaves on a piece of paper then I cut them out

                                  Pin the leaves to your leave fabric

                                Cut out with pinking sheers

                            Sew the leaves on to the pumpkin

Some more great fabric pumpkin tutorials


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What a fun pumpkin! Happy halloween.

AMKreations said...

How cute! I've seen a number of adorable fabric pumpkins this year. Thank you for the tutorial!

briskmamma said...

Thx for the tutorial, I will mark it for next year. Happy and scary Halloween!

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